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The Sub-conscious, Conscious, and Super-Conscious Mind

Posted by esolvency on June 7, 2013 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (45)

The Sub-conscious, Conscious, and Super-Conscious Mind

I sat one day and I wondered.

How many times have I cried and died ,and yet,  am still alive

And I grew so damn tired of dying,

Like an reality and an illusion, and reality that is an illusion...

Is all an Illusion?

Yes it is my friend,

All is an illusion in this world.

But by Illusion, I mean temporary.  It is real.  Very real, but temporary.  

The world only has the meaning, you give it.

All things in this physical world.  

The world of solid objects and moving, living Beings is only 1/4 of the entire Universe.

Only 1/4.  And a mostly negative 1/4 of the whole Cosmos.

So, where is the other Positive 3/4 of the Universe that is just as real,

but not seen by the Unenlighten Mind?

Why it is there in God's Mind.  The MasterMind.  

The Universal Mind which your mind is part of.

So there is your limited mind that sees only in black and white,

And The Unlimited Mind that sees in colors.

This is what is meant by you are the micro "limited mind" to The Macro "God's Unlimited Mind".

Now that you have made 'the Connection' You are One with God and His Spirit or Energies.

You see there never was a difference between your limited mind and The Unlimited Mind, except in error-thinking.

Being under the spell of an delusion you once thought the two were separate entities.  

The limited and Unlimited minds are One Unlimited Mind and you can use It as such.

In MetaPsychics this is call using your SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND and not just your subconscious mind which is a 'Mind Over Matter" technique which is wishy-washy and very limiting.  

It is the 'ordinary Conscious' mind of mostly everyone today.  "Mind Over Matter".  

The Super-Conscious Mind uses "Spirit Over Mind", whereas the 'limited sub-conscious' mind is no longer in control.  

And that is a good thing!  "Spirit Over Mind" puts you in COMPLETETE  CONTROL of your full mind.  

Not part of it as in using just the sub-conscious.

From here on end, you will be able to USE your SuperConscious Mind to build whatever you so desire.

Be careful here.  Whatever you desire can be good or bad.  I would use good discretion here.

And Karma {Kali} CAN be a bitch!  For Karma is a Law of Nature and Science rather man believes in it or not.

"You reap what you sow" is the biblical intrepetation of that natural Law of God.

And even God cannot break His Own Laws, no more than His Words can return vain.

A lot of Freedom requires a lot of responsibility.

Those who cannot handle one will not be able to handle the other.

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.Thank you for reading and have a fun and prosperous life!