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Welcome to The MetaPsychics Christian Church of America.

Our Goal and Purpose is to create Supernatural Spiritual Beings who can be ParaPsychologists, and thus be in a paid position by our Church to help mankind discover his Divine Self and The Divine Reality all Paragaons and Denizens, {which are trained Spiritual Beings of MetaPsychics} share in The Spiritual Sky, where all is bliss, true knowledge, and Union with God.  It is the birthplace and final Destination of everyone knowingly or not.

The Divine Reaity or Ultimate Reality or Consciousness is the true goal of everyone, seeking it in many different ways-AND YOU have the answer they are looking for and you know where they been and where they are going.  

You have an advantage and edge that will win you friends in no time and we will pay you to just share this message to people we supply to you.

Please leave your NAME, EMAIL AND MAILING ADDRESS for your application to be a ParaPsychologist UNDER "APPLICATIONS/ DONATION", NOT  PRAYER REQUEST.

Being a ParaPsychologist is one of the greatest adventures you will ever have.   If you prefer not to be a ParaPsychologist yet and just need some immdiate help in your life you can request a 'Prayer of Prosperity' below and we will do this free of charge.

Thank you,


Welcome to our Prayer Requests page. Feel free to Request a Prayer here.